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Ein Buch?

Na Klar!

Project book
Of adventure, suddenly
to be an illustrator

I found the idea of ​​illustrating a book immediately appealing and the first lines: "Did you know that all the seas of this world are connected to one another?" made many images grow in my head. That was in May 2019.

This is how the first picture "Maleen looks" was created. That was the beginning of a project that we, May Evers, the author and I, should keep busy for the next year. Making a book like this is tricky. The text changed, the pictures changed, the size and format had not yet been determined, the text didn't want to fit the picture after all and which scenes need a picture at all? Should the picture go over the double page as a background on the page or should it be a small picture in the box?

With the next book we definitely know how to do it and, in the best case scenario, we make a plan from the start that we can use as a guide. For me as an illustrator, the biggest challenge was to bring a uniform line into all the different designs . How do you do that? I decided on collages and the all-defining color blue. That's my favorite color and since the sea has a big role in the story, it just went with the color blue. Many of the pictures will appear on both sides as a background, the text will hopefully fit elegantly into the gaps. Making the first picture in the book the last picture in history came about very late. And so you see the blue planet at the end, as the home of lovers in red, the color of love.,

It's done now. The book. But actually we could keep working on it, I think. We are still not really finished. Maybe it will work for the next project book. the second!

Herz Ingrid Hauff, Maleen und die Königin der Meere,

Ingrid Hauff Malerei,Wimmelbilder und norddeutsche Landschaften

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